Are you interested in running a United Way giving campaign in your workplace?

A United Way workplace giving campaign is when a business owner coordinates and encourages employees to give to their local United Way. It motivates people to give by educating them about the needs in the community and asking them to participate in company activities.  

What is the end goal?

Raise money to help fight for the health, education and financial stability of every person in our community. United Way of Dodge County supports 18 member agencies to help as many people as possible. This allows donors to make an impact on those around them through a single contribution. Each year, our Board Members make the important allocation decisions that impact us all and help make our community a better place to live and work.  

We have a few tips and tools to make organizing a United Way campaign easier:

  1. Make it a Team Effort. Create a committee of enthusiastic, resourceful and committed employees to help brainstorm fundraising ideas, help plan campaign and execute fundraising efforts.
  2. Set Goals. It could be to raise 5 percent more than last year’s campaign or raise $20,000. Whatever your goal is, make it know. Give employees are update every day on how close you are and offer an incentive if the goal is hit. Examples we’ve seen – earn extra PTO for donating, casual dress day or boss gets a pie to the face if the goal is met!
  3. Plan Logistics. The most effective campaigns are organized, concise and short. Launch to staff and wrap it up within two to three weeks. Organize a fun event on launch day and a fundraising activity at least once a week.
    • Examples of fundraising activities:
      • Kick off event – lunch and local United Way speaker
      • Chili cook-off
      • Educational speakers of who your United Way helps
      • Kickball tournament
      • Clean up a City park
      • Guessing jar game
      • Campaign money thermometers
  4. Consistent Communication. Email updates on money raised, upcoming events and why your business is conducting this campaign. Need help? Reach out to your local United Way to learn who they help and where the money goes. This will help employees understand who they are giving to and why.
  5. Celebrate! Do a final push on the last few days of the campaign to reach your goal(s). Once things have wrapped, CELEBRATE your success. No matter what amount of money is raised, it is a good thing and helps the community.
  Already participating in a United Way giving campaign? Did you know you can direct your workplace United Way Campaign to us? If you are a Dodge County, MN resident, but work in Olmsted or another county, you can still direct your giving our way. Here’s how to direct your work United Way campaign donation:
  • Each workplace United Way campaign is different, but the most common way to ensure we receive your donation is to “write in.” Include the following information:
    • United Way of Dodge County
    • P.O. Box 718 Dodge Center, MN 55927
    • Phone: 507-634-6655
  Remember – all donations are 100 percent tax deductible!   Questions? Feel free to reach out to us for more information or to help plan your United Way workplace campaign.